“Should international medical graduates do research?”

Medical researcher with vials of blood.

Kenneth B. Christopher, MD, SM,
November 29, 2017

Dr. Kenneth Christopher is the associate director of global education at Harvard Medical School and the course director for Introduction to Postgraduate American Medicine, an online course that prepares international medical graduates for careers in the American health system.

Dr. Christopher has written for and about international medical graduates for many years, and has agreed to share some of his blog posts with our Lean Forward audience.

The topic of today’s reblog is whether or not research has any value for international medical graduates seeking careers in the American health care system.

Internal Medicine Residency for IMGs

I get asked the “should I do research” and “where can I do research” question often. From my look at the NRMP data about half of those who match have research which means half do not.

If you are going to do two years of research and delay your application and increase the distance from your year of graduation you better produce something like this. High quality research is difficult and takes a lot of time to produce. You need to join a productive group and bring something to the table. Few IMG applicants who do any research time without previous training (MPH, MSc, PhD) have much to show for it. Performing research to get into residency is not worth the effort. Pursuing research because your passion to become an academic is a laudable act in my opinion.

If you think about it, most successful IMG applicants will match…

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