National Recovery Month: Bugzy’s Story

Mural of young boxer in Bugzy's gym.

September 21, 2017

Once I started to change who I hang with, what activities I did, because of that new state of mind, I was making the right choices, and I moved forward.

Every day, we hear distressing news about the impact of the opioid epidemic on our communities and on our loved ones, but this month we are focusing on something positive—recovery.

Each year, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) designates September as National Recovery Month, and we are encouraged to turn our attention toward stories of hope instead of despair.

Several courageous individuals recently shared their personal stories of opioid addiction and recovery with Harvard Medical School to inspire more healthcare providers to treat opioid use disorder patients. Bugzy’s story is the second of three of these short inspirational patient videos we are sharing with you in recognition of National Recovery Month:

Jose Matine, nicknamed Bugzy, is the proud owner of the Canal St. Gym in Lawrence, Ma., a nonprofit boxing gym that has produced multiple champions.

Bugzy’s story is part of the HMS Global Academy’s Opioid Use Disorder Education Program—an accredited, free, online medical education program intended for nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physicians, and other healthcare professionals collaborating to treat patients with substance use disorder. We encourage you to click on the link above to learn more, and to share this valuable resource with other healthcare providers.

Together, we hope to bring healing and recovery to our communities.

For further inspiration, view Shannon’s Story. Jack’s story will be published on Sept. 28th. Follow this blog to receive an email notification of the post.

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